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ZheJiang Beach Elevator Co.,Ltd.

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[China]Bed elevator

1) Bed elevator shows consideration for medical needs and is humanized designed 2) Its super-smooth moving provides quiet and comfort for patients 3) Its fine structure shows care for patients and warm color improves the confident for patients 4) It adopts advanced technology and introduces the newest VVVF (Variable Voltage and Variable Frequency) speed regulation system 5) It absolutely satisfies the needs of modern society and the needs of the physical conditions of patients 6)[...]


[China]Passenger elevator

1) Adopts the internationally advanced VVVF (Variable Voltage and Variable Frequency) AC speed regulation technology 2) It is safe, reliable, smooth, and comfortable 3) The elevator is computer-controlled and easy to operate 4) It is widely used in hotels, restaurants, stores, office buildings, and residential buildings[...]


[China]Freight elevator

1) Designed with complete types and specifications 2) It has original and unique structure, and is good making 3) It complies with the latest process standards and related rules 4) It has h current two-speed electric towage 5) The structure is simple and maintenance easy 6) The elevator is fitting for passengers and freight and is economical and convenient 7) The car design is applied computer optimization technology 8) It is spacious, bright, economical and efficient[...]


[China]Moving walk

1) Adopts internationally advanced technology 2) Ingenuous structure, good walk and belt, fine appearance, smooth moving, easy to maintain 3) It provides a brightness and comfort to passengers and brings charm and luxury for modern buildings[...]


[China]Observation elevator

1) Computer-aided design 2) Luxurious appearance 3) With full range of specifications[...]